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  • Puttshack Westfield

    Puttshack is a ‘World’s First’ social entertainment concept, using ground-breaking patented technology to catapult the traditional game of mini golf into a cutting edge gaming phenomenon! With technology facilitating automatic point scoring, leader-boards, and intuitive gameplay, Puttshack is quite simply, the most incredible mini golf concept in the world… Brought read more

  • Abseiling at the Arcelor Mittal

    If you are looking for an exhilarating team building event that will push the boundaries and be talked about for at least the next year then this would be perfect.  Experience the most spectacular views of London, whilst dangling in free space, 80 metres above the ground! Abseiling down the read more

  • Premier Escape Rooms

    Each of the games we offer has been carefully architected and produced by a team of world-class game designers, master craftsmen, organizational behaviorists, and various other professionals so as to foster teamwork and strengthen communication skills while challenging the senses and testing wits via clues, passwords, missing puzzle pieces and read more

  • Bounce – Farringdon

    Bounce Farringdon is Europe’s leading social entertainment venue, housing a large number of ping pong tables in the Main Space and additional private areas throughout the venue. Built for groups, we treat every booking as a bespoke event, offering social ping pong at its finest, with each table accommodating for read more

  • Bounce – Old Street

    Bounce is the UK’s leading social entertainment concept, delivering an all-inclusive social experience, combining three elements of hospitality: stunning bar, high quality restaurant and high energy entertainment activity, Ping Pong – all set against award winning design and the highest standard of finishes. Our primary function is to host events read more

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